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carrying capacity




TH-500500 g0.10 gBatterie -Netzbetrieb -
TH-10011000 g0.10 g
TH-10051000 g0.50 g
TH-50055000 g5.00 g

Stand: 19.04.2014

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carrying capacity

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! Ive been writing about mullets or high/low hemlines as a item. Clearly, they also fall into my category because Patrick Kelly died in 1990, meaning this dress pre-dates the 1992 mullet-dress heyday that I wrote about .

What Wendy Wore
Dress: Vintage Patrick Kelly (acquired 2009, bandage mini dress probably)
Shoes: Prada ()
Photo: By

Ive turned everyone around me into a mullet-dress spotter. MrB pointed out Dolly Partons mullet dress when we saw her at the last month. This was a sheer coverup that she put over what Ill have to call spangled chartreuse Bermuda shorts, for lack of a better term.

Gorgeous blogger Tanvii tweeted me to report that she was wearing a Like Dolly bandage dress uk , shes layered her mullet. I would never think to wear black lace over stripes love it!

seems to be a good source for mullets. Gorgeous blogger Kristin of BonBon Rose Girls and gave me a nice shout-out at the same time.

Heres another one by Free People.

Free People describes this dress as having a high-low hem. Thats the language any sane retailer would use, because the word mullet may be memorable, but its definitely not appealing. Even I think of hairstyles from every time I write mullet!

UPDATED TO ADD: . Thanks to for pointing it out.

When I was fresh out of college and sartorially conservative, I believed the perfect party dress was one in . I think I read some magazine article that said no one can tell if you wear the same dress everywhere if the frock in question is generic enough. After a couple of years, I realized I didnt care if people noticed how often I wore a particular outfit. I mean, if you dont have anything better to do than keep track of my wardrobe, knock yourself out.

Since then, Ive gravitated towards distinctive pieces. For a wedding last weekend, I wore a tartan strapless dress from my friend . Here I am wearing the dress and accompanied by Zang in 2009

and heres how the dress looked on Saturday.

What Wendy Wore
Dress: Zang Toi (2009)
Shoes: Lagerfeld ()
Purse bandage dress : Prada (2007)
Shawl: Zang Toi
Necklace: My own (see what I did there with the ?)

For a dinner a few nights later, I wore a new Mary Katrantzou dress. The typewriter-keyboard print should make this one pretty memorable bandage dresses for cheap .

What Wendy Wore
Dress: Mary Katrantzou (2012)
Shoes: Prada (2010)

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Evaluation:2 of 5 stars!

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